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Maitriya Shopping Center's activities and staff guide

Volunteers from 2018 to 2019 have been confirmed to be 16 minutes. .
Maitria Shopping Center and Rama-sama also express our warm gratitude and wish you infinite masks.

1. Rama-nim official court meeting: total 8 minutes, overlapping 1 minute
Chujin Ramo, Daol Pema, Dolzenolbu, Bori Nim, Ji Ji Won, Jang Chup Pema (duplicate)

A. Announcer, Introduction of Woori Shopping Center
B. Beophoe setup and finishing
c. Book Sale-2 minutes
d. Make tea and prepare snacks-2 minutes
e. People guide and help in 2 minutes
f. Fundraiser-fundraiser
D. Transportation Team

2. Promotion/External: Total 3 minutes
week. Nimametok, Jesuppema

A. E-mail-Sending Jesun Pema and additional ones
B. Create an email
C. Web page management and creation
D. Telephone manager
E. Address Book Management
F. Creating posters and promotional content

3. Translation Department: Total 3 minutes
Ahchara, Daolpema

4. Publishing Department: 11 minutes in total
Bodhisattva Achara, Bodhisattva Hamyoung, Cameron and Suwon, Chujin Ramo, Jesopema, Daolpema, Trinlidogal

A. Publication planning, and assistance. Bodhisattva Achara, Bodhisattva Hamyoung
B. fundraiser in charge of fundraising
C. Recording part
-English- Cameron
-Hangul-Chujin Ramo, Jesopema, Daolpema, Trinlidocal (3~5 minutes)

5. Jam-cha: total 4 minutes 2 minutes (duplicate)
Nimametok, Drenry Paolo (duplicate), Sarasai-nim (duplicate),


1 Nimametok
2 Daolpema
3 Dolzenolbu
4 Bodhisattva
5 Sarasai Kim Mi-gyeong Bodhisattva
6 Achara Bodhisattva
7 Bodhisattva Rhee
8th Sunpema
9 Jiwon Monk
10 Chujin Ramo
11 Trenripao
12 Trinlidocal
13 Pemajangchup
14 Hammyeong Bodhisattva
15 Professor Cameron Bailey

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