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Tue, Aug 20


Geumryunsa Temple (princess)

Naro Land Law Application Guide

At Geumryunsa Temple, the agenda and the ceremony of Chakra Samvara are held together with Magistrate Glennrama. Schedule is announced, so please apply. Membership fee: 300,000 won/ Account: Post office, Geumryunsa/ 310557-01-002023/ Participation is also possible, but the membership fee is the same Inquiry and application: 041-841-1359/ 010-9254-3259

Application is closed
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Time & Location

Aug 20, 2019, 9:00 AM – Sep 01, 2019, 1:00 PM

Geumryunsa Temple (princess), 39-70, Iligu-gil, Sagok-myeon, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

About The Event

August 20 (Tue)-September 1 (Sun)

Gongju Geumryunsa Temple

1) 8.20 (Tue) meeting, introduction

2) 8.21 (Wed) Tantra preliminary stage execution

3) 8.22 (Thursday)

August 20 (Tue) ~ September 1 (Sun)

I don't know how to do it with Rama Glen

The Ten Dharmas of Naropa

10 law with me

Of all Tibetan enlightenment traditions, most of all sects of Tibetan Buddhism

One of the popular ones is what is known as “Naropa Six Yoga”, which is known in English translation as “Naropa's Six Yoga”.

In fact, previous traditions called this beopmaek “the 10th law of Naropa”. These ten meditations present the perfect path to enlightenment with ten fundamental meditations.

1. Overall preliminary performance. This is the fundamental practice of the Baramyl monk, and it plays a fundamental role in all Tantra practice.

2. Preliminary performance of a specific Tantura. It uses the method of the Tantra, which includes practices such as Guru Yoga, Bajrasat and Mantra.

3. Animation step yoga. By practicing Mandala and Mantra, the meditator becomes the image of the Buddha with the body of the Buddha in the world of rainbow energy and wisdom presence.

4. Toommo. As a chandali or inner fire meditation, this is a meditation method that balances male and female energies in the five chakras and brings all the energies to the core vein.

5. Mahamudra, or "Certification of Dae-Lak and Siege." This is a unique practice in which each practitioner integrates the experiences of color and emptiness in meditation.

6. Karmamudra, or meditation that unites the male and female energies in the cult of enlightenment.

7. Weekly lump, or "fantasy yoga." This is a practice method of recognizing attributes such as illusions of things that appear.

8. Night condensation. This refers to the dream yoga practice.

9. Jeong Gwangmyeong Yoga. Or “training in the shining presence.” There are two aspects to this: practicing during the day and practicing while sleeping.

10. Powa, or "to prepare your mind and body to die completely."

August 20 (Tuesday)-Meeting, subtotal

August 21 (Wed)-Tantra preliminary stage performed,

Morning, afternoon, evening

August 22 (Thursday)-Siege meditation and daily life

Morning, afternoon, evening

August 23rd (Fri) 6 Yoga 10 Methods with Naro

August 24 (Sat)

Evening-Gya and Giyasso, the first day of the ceremony (Analysis)

August 25th (Sun)

Morning-Gyawa Giyasso official ceremony

Afternoon/Evening-Tantra 3 Preliminary Stage

August 26 (Mon) ~ August 29 (Thu) Naropa 6 Yoga 10 Method

August 30 (Fri)

Morning, Afternoon-Naropa 6 Yoga 10 Method

Dinner- Amita Youth (Mulyangsu Nyeorae Buddha) Ceremony

August 31 (Sat)

Morning-Naropa 6 Yoga 10 Method

Afternoon-Teaching of Amita Youth

Evening-Questions and Answers

September 1 (Sun)

Morning-Finishing the Homa Ceremony\

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