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Tue, Jun 16



May 11-June 7, 2020 Schedule

Tara house Practice Schedule (Zoom)

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May 11-June 7, 2020 Schedule
May 11-June 7, 2020 Schedule

Time & Location

Jun 16, 2020, 7:00 PM


About The Event

The schedule from May 11th (Mon)-May 17th (Sun) is as follows.

1. Internet Zoom Jeong Jin-soo

Monday-Friday every week

9 o'clock in the morning Yattakawa Pharmacist Nyorai

Practicing barrenness along the evening from 8 to 9

2. Saturday (5/16)

Along with the barren community service-Along with the barren $40,000 offering, we plan to offer 7 times.

10-12 am: morning time

12-1 PM: Lunch

2-3:30 p.m.: 1 time p.m.

4-6 p.m.: 2 p.m.

7-9 p.m.: 3 p.m.

3. From May 18th (Mon) to June 7th (Sun)

Morning session Monday, Tuesday, Friday

-Yattakawa Pharmacist Nyeorae

Evening performance Monday, Tuesday, Friday

-Performing Guanyin

4. Tomo Club,

Every Wednesday evening 7-9 o'clock

Every Saturday 2-5 PM (We will learn Chakrasambara Sadana on weekends. Estimated about 12 weeks.)

From May 23rd (Tibetan Lunar Calendar 4.1 Saga Dawa starts) to May 30th Saturday, we will do the Yakushi Nyorae Concentration Aid, and Donga House Concentration Aid #4.

In this case, they practice every morning and afternoon, and all are conducted as Yaksa Nyorae. Those who will attend can also use Zoom, and if you participate in the agenda in the morning and evening, it becomes the basic agenda.

5. May 30th (Saturday) Homa ceremony will be held.

On this Sunday, the Tomo Club meets one day at 2-5 pm on Sundays.

6. June 5th (Fri) is the Buddha's Birthday, Saints Day, and Nirvana Day, Sagada Day.

Practice is carried out throughout the day,

On June 6th (Saturday), Yataka community service and launching will be held.

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May 18-Morning Yataka Yakushi Nyorai training

5.18 Mon- Evening Guanseum regular evening run

5.19 Tue- Morning Yataka Yakushi Nyorai Training

Tuesday, May 19th-Regular dinner at Gwanseum

5.20 Wed- Tomo Club 7-9

Only those who have joined the TUMO Club

5.21 Thu- Amita Youth Sadana 6-9

5.22 Friday-Morning Yataka Yakushi Nyorai training

Friday, May 22nd-Regular dinner of Gwanseum

5.23 Sat Morning Pharmacist Nyorae Training 9-1030

5.23 Sat-Tomo Club 2-5


5.23 Sat-Yaksa Nyeorae starting to live 6-8

May 24th morning 9-8

May 24th Evening 7-9

Rama-nim's method

May 25, morning Pharmacist Yeoraeangeo 9-1030

May 25th Evening Pharmacist Yeoraeangeo 7-830

5.26 Tue Morning Pharmacist Yeoraeangeo 9-1030

5.26 Tue Evening Pharmacist Yeoraeangeo 7-830

5.27 Wed Morning Pharmacist Yeoraiange

5.27 Wed Evening Pharmacist Yeoraeangeo

5.28 Thu Morning Pharmacist Yeoraiange

5.28 Thu Evening Pharmacist Yeoraiange

5.29 Fri Morning Pharmacist Yeoraeangeo 9-1030

Meeting ID: 840 4869 9523

5.29 Fri-Honorable Dalai Lama's first day

Delivery Time 9-10:30 AM 12:30-2 PM Korean Time

9-1030 India time

12:30pm ~ 2pm Korean time

5.29 Fri Evening Pharmacist Yeoraiange

5.30 Sat Morning Pharmacist Yeoraean Geo

5.30 Sat-Honorable Dalai Lama's second day

Delivery Time 9-10:30 AM 12:30-2 PM Korean Time

9-1030 India time

12:30pm ~ 2pm Korean time

5.30 Sat-Yaksa Nyorae Homa Ceremony 3-5 o'clock

5.30 Sat-Tumo Club 6-9 o'clock


6. January morning Yattaka/Yaksa Nyorae 9-1030

6.1 Mon-Evening Performing Guan Yin 7-9 pm

6. 2 Tue Morning Yattaka/Yaksa Nyorae 9-1030

6.2 Tuesday- Evening Performing Guan Yin 7-9 pm

6.3 Wed Tummo Tummo Club

6.4 Crutches Dojangcho-Qingdao

6.5 Gold Sadawa, Buddha's Birthday, Saints Day, Nirvana Day

Performing all day 10-12, 1-6, 7-9

6.6 Sat Tomo Club 2-5

6.7 sun Inwangsan practice

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